About Working Californians

Our diverse coalition of labor, community leaders, business leaders and everyday working people is committed to supporting and delivering results for all Angelenos.

We’re striving to rebuild the economy by rebuilding the middle class.

Working Californians believes that real economic recovery is about creating an environment where business and workers can thrive. That’s why WCA is creating opportunities for business owners, local governments and labor unions to forge strong partnerships to catapult Los Angeles into the future. WCA is focused on ways to upgrade infrastructure to reflect advances in green technology, allowing local businesses and area residents to minimize their energy costs.

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Brian D’Arcy


Brian D’Arcy is the co-chair of Working Californians. He was born and raised in New York and has spent the majority of his adult life working on behalf of California workers. Since 1992, Brian has served as Business Manager of IBEW Local 18. Outside of his duties as Local 18’s Business Manager, he has been heavily involved in shaping policies that benefit workers across the state.